.WPS file recovery

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.WPS file recovery

I have a corrupted .wps file that I created years ago and I really need to open it. I downloaded "recovery for works 2010.1017" and it did preview the recovered file for me, but edited out some parts with the word "demo" because I had not purchased the full version. The full version of the software is $200 and I'm not about to spend that much money just to recover one text file. Also, I don't have microsoft works on my computer but I do have word viewer. Is there any way for me to manually repair this damaged file? If someone can give me simple instructions I would really appreciate it.


Re: .WPS file recovery

Before you do anything else, make some copies of the file! You dont want to be monkeying around with only one copy in the event that you make things even worse.
... How do you know it's actually corrupted if you dont have MS Works to open it?
Anyway, you could try to import the file with another program like Microsoft Word ($$), OR, a free program like Open Office. Often times these import functions will actually fix or at least skip the messed-up portions of the file.

I was not able to find any free recovery/repair programs for .WPS (Works) files..

Re: .WPS file recovery

When I tried to open it, I was given a message that said "file may be corrupt." I opened it through word but only got symbols. Same with "Open Office. I have a feeling It MAY open with works, but I can't find the disk to reinstall that.

Re: .WPS file recovery

You could try this (use a copy of the file and not the original)

Go to zamzar.com

select the wps file

select a conversion format (I'd try both doc and txt and see what happens)

enter your email and submit. Zamzar will convert the file and email you the link to the new one to download.

Try to open new file.

Again, make sure you're using a copy of the original file.

Also, if you do this, it may not email you the link right away... it could take a minute... it could take a good few minutes... also make sure to check your junk folder.

Re: .WPS file recovery

It worked!!! Thank you!! I spent several days trying everything to get the darn thing to open and the solution was so simple. I wonder why I've never heard of that awesome site before.

.WPS file recovery


.WPS file

my .wps file is still empy . but it has a file size of 1425 KB

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Re: .WPS file recovery

Zamzar conversion did not work for me. It converted into a load of unreadable garbage.
Any other options out there? PLEASE!!!!

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