Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

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Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

Do you have a poem you feel like sharing? A story you have been working and can't find anyone to read it? Wanting some criticism? Or just hope to get an idea from another member? Well, this is the place to do it! This topic is just for writings and the comments about the writings. Please don't post a full story on this page. Post a link to a site like fictionpress, where you can easily post documents. Feel free to post short poems or song lyrics directly to the page.

Now, though I doubt this would ever be a problem, I feel the need to say: Under NO circumstances are you allowed to take a poem, story, song lyric, etc from this page and call it your own. You can't use it for school, contests, boyfriends/girlfriends, books, newspapers, ANYTHING. If you want to use a poem for any reason, you MUST get the permission of the writer and cite the writer as the owner for whatever you use it for. LEGAL action can be taken.

I would like to say that I write poems for people if they would like me to. Just ask. :) 


Edit: Ok, I guess I should have said this. Only post YOUR WORK here. Your words. I'm about to create another topic for others.


Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

I'll start the sharing game. This is a very emotional poem written a few years ago. The imagery shows the struggles within ourselves. Your free to comment and critique. 


Death of the Soul

Life is Hell
The world is broken
The church bells no longer ring
Artillery shells burst above
People fall and start to pray
Hoping someone above can hear
A thousands souls break and cry at once
The hearts left cold and black
They wonder around blind
And shed blood spilled
They clench their fist in fear
The devil is showing his face
Hatred spreads to all
Life is Hell; Heaven is gone
All the world is in pain
We pull the gun and there they all go
Ourselves condemned with the damned.

It is all gone; life is over
Death plays in the backyard
She gives me her hand and away I go
To the River Styx to swim

This is the end; all is done
I don't want life; carry it on
Force the life out of my soul
And take me to the Valley of Hell.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

Come on people... I want to see what you have! Here is another one for inspiration. About a woman who loses her man in battle.


The flag was draped over the cedar tree.

The letter was held in a trembling hand

The reflections of the newly widow flew

Like the bullets falling in the storm


She had remembered the day they met

She had loved a man in uniform

His eyes, his mouth, his face, his heart

He shared his love with his country and her only


They shared each day in a dream

They know that their time could be short

So they lived for each moment they could steal

Their passion like fireworks on the Forth of July


Then the time came to give back to the world

To thank God for the blessing of his girl

He dawned his frog suit once more

To take the last leap of his life


She choked back tears as she read it again

The president condemning his destiny

“Your husband was killed in a bloody gunfight”

“He fought for something he loved”


“It is to be said that you were his only true love”

“In the presence of God he muttered his last”

“May God bless my darling wife; the love the size of the world”

“God save America and keep safe the one true thing I love”


“He fought with gallant and he fought with soul”

“He served his country well”

“God has taken another true to the kingdom above”

“For the love and passion in which he kept us safe” 


She was crying now as the kissed the wooden box goodbye

He held on to his heart that he would have received

She knew that her man was a true hero; a God sent man

And she could never lose her man in uniform.

She would never lose her guardian angel of the soul.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

I watched you so troubled in sleep.

A preppy demon counting sheep. 

It was painful to hear you speak

and know it was just another week.


So tonight, before you fall into your dreams,

say goodbye one last time.

And I promise I'll sing you a lullaby;

watch the day leave your eyes as night

progresses rapidly.

I'll protect you from the shadows that roam

thru your mind;

And then, as you float thru an ocean in

the sky,

I'll kiss you goodnight and leave with your

dreams upon my mouth.


Eh, that's prob all I'll ever post. 

PS- this is my work and it's now copyrighted.  Smile

"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work



---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work


"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

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 ME, You have made some real nice images here. "shadows that roam through your mind" is nice. I just love the entire last stanza. "...float thru an ocean in the sky...", and "leave with your dreams upon my mouth" is my very favorite image you've created in this piece. It's very nice. I hope you post more, I feel very inspired by you. Thanks, julie

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

Aww thanks juliek.  I'm happy you enjoyed it.   I was basically just thinking of someone and wrote all that down.  So I'm glad it captured something.  Lol.  Thanks again...

"You've got to be crazy, gotta have a real need."

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 Violet, Awesome stuff! You've got a wealth of sensory images  that make for some strong statements. I also liked how you made death female. That's if I'm reading it correctly. Also, I liked how you used the semi colons and made the sentences final, like the image you're portraying. It reads very smoothly and defined. Nice work...juliek 

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

Haha. I did make death female. I think that was a ploy on the situation in which the poem was written.


---The dreams in which I'm dying are the best I've ever had---

Re: Writers Corner- Posting Your Work

 I have this one posted on my MySpace blog. 

A Hope For Change


With not enough strength but much hope
I rise from the flames
I exit my body as to help to cope
Now, who shall I blame?

I stare at my unrecognizable reflection
Who is this woman standing there?
Why has she let them be the cause of her affliction?
It is only I who has stripped myself of all and left me bare

For who are these characters I let invade my mind
All emotions felt are none other then my own
And I only have myself to find
For when I leave this shell, I won't be anyone I've ever known

I'll be a woman not even I have seen
I'll forgive all those who wronged and hurt me
I will pray for those whose words they did not mean
And even more will I pray for the ones that were not meant to be

Time heals all wounds they say
When will this change in me come, I do not know
But, hopefully it will come one day
Than I can continue to grow





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