Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

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Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

So one of my friends is accusing me of being a stalker based on the fact that her myspace tracker said I viewed her page 500 times which is totally untrue!!! I did view her page but not that many times. I did have myspace apps, truthbox, dragon wars, own your friends app, mobsters and pets.

Is it possible that myspace apps caused all that tracking? And I admit, I never sign out of myspace I just close the window


Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

I don't think it has anything to do with the apps on your page, more likely it has to do with stuff on her page.  I have Project Playlist on my page, and a bunch of the songs turned into bad links.  So the playlist would keep bouncing until it found a song with a good link.  Every time the playlist jumped to another song, it logged as another hit on my Trackspace.  Even though I never navigated away from my profile, I tracked myself like 7 or 8 times in less than 2 minutes. 


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Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

 Yeah, I'm with Tuna on this one. A friend wouldn't care how many times you're on her page. Everybody knows  that MySpace can be looney sometimes and cause an abnormal amount of hits. So don't bother yourself with it anymore, just pretend as if she never made that comment to you.



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You're upsetting me....on several levels.

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

all the trackers that i have used have a part that says enter friendid here or ip address of the person looking at your page and they are ALWAYS wrong...this is why i dislike trackers they are sooo unreliable! I know someone whos does this to me and it is not true i make it a point to not check their page! And they do not sound like a friend...as the other GUG's said! who cares what they think obviously they are soo wrapped in themselves...

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

I'm sure your friend is either lying or the tracker is messed up, atleast you know you don't stalk her eh?

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

I understand how you feel, but you should stand strong and dont let that person steal your joy. Focus on the fact that you know your innocent and no amount of useless persuasion will do anything except frustrate you. Think of the silver lining to the cloud.

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Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!
but.... you could get a reputation and that could hurt your image. I would move.
Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

will a proxy service like hidemyass.com prevent your pc from being tracked?

i don't have a myspace page. imho if a page is public & you check it out it's not stalking. if it's been set to private and you're not trying to hack in to it, it's not stalking.

if you're harrassing people, then it's stalking.

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

A proxy won't hide you from a tracker. It will throw the tracker off a bit, but its sometimes obvious that its a proxy. I think some will tell you it is.

There's a thread here somewhere on blocking trackers, if that's what you want to do.

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

Hopefully she is teasing you, but if you feel she is accusing you, I dont blame you for being upset.

Anyone who has a vanity page like a myspace page and then leaves it on public has absolutely no business telling others they are stalkers. That is ridiculous. If she is scared of being stalked by you, you should not be on her friends list and she should block you and make her page private. She clearly wants to start something, is trying to make herself feel important or make you feel bad about yourself. Whatever it is, it is her issue, not yours if you know truly you are not viewing her page to cause her harm.

It's silly enough that I have a myspace, but there are people I dont want in my life or want to know about my life, so I am on private (though we all know sometimes private is not private at all.)

I have a REALLY good male friend (not a boyfriend and would never be) who once told me I was his biggest myspace fan and then sent me a print screen of his  mixmap page showing I viewed him like 100 times in three months (which is maybe like once a day?).. more than all his other friends. LOL.. I laughed but also stopped looking at his page. Oh.. and I blocked trackers. Even the nicest people can be jerks without meaning to be. Don't let it get you down.

Re: Wrongly accused of being a stalker!!

See, now I would see this as a perfect oppertunity to mess with her. I'd play along with it. heehee!


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