Xbox Kinect Will Be in Short Supply for the Holidays

Xbox Kinect is the newest cool gadget for the Xbox 360. Kinect is a full motion sensing game controller which is supposed to completely change the way games are played. Ater the launch earlier this month Microsoft said Kinect was selling quite well; according to Gamestop it is selling even better than expected.

Gamestop said in an announcement today that customers looking for an Xbox Kinect bundle should buy one as soon as possible; because they likely won’t be able to around the holidays. Microsoft is surely feeling great about this; mostly because it means more profits. Not to be out done, Sony’s competing system, Playstation Move, is also expected to be tough to find this holiday season.

With black Friday just a week away, what are you planning on buying?




Thanks for your reply.  I can figure out what more storage means.   I was looking for more practical and informative response.  For example, why would one load games to the harddrive?  What is the benefit or perhaps what is the limitation if one cannot load games to the harddrive? Perhaps the better question would be is 4GB simply too small for two new to this gaming things kids to both store game saves?  

This made the short list.  As it will be our first time with a gaming system can someone please tell me what the practical difference is in GB size for the XBOX 360 Kinect. 

The biggest difference is the amount of storage, obviously. More storage means you will be able to download more stuff, save more stuff, and install more games to the harddrive

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