yahoo scam email?

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Re: yahoo scam email?

The emails from yahoo are 100% legit. The trick is that spammers are using a legit channel to see if an email is active.
In Yahoo accounts, you can add other emails you have to your current yahoo account, for example, to send notifications or for recovery purposes to a gmail account.
The trick is that you must verify that you allow the link between emails, to verify you actually OWN the added gmail account, for example.

So If I am a spammer, and I know your email address in yahoo, I add it to my contact information in my yahoo account profile. It NOW appears as "unverified"
in the contact profile. The "victim" gets the notification email and EITHER "verifies" or "denies" the addition. You (victim) click "VERIFY" or "I didn't create this account" to "DENY."

EITHER WAY, now the spammer knows the email is active. The only way to puzzle the spammer is not to respond either way, the added email will continue to say
"unverified" in red on the contacts page.

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Re: yahoo scam email?

There apparently seems to be alot of people who like to help but with absolutely no bases for their info. TO KNOW IF THE MAIL IS FROM YAHOO----There are two ways to tell if an email is a legitimate message from Yahoo!:

1.Look for the Y! icon to the left of the email's subject line in your inbox. When Yahoo! sends an email, there will always be a Y! icon to the left of its subject line in your inbox. Note: This icon only appears if you check your email from Yahoo!'s website, and will not display in another email client, such as Outlook or Mac Mail. If you check your email in another email client, you can check your mail online or skip to step 2.

2.Check the email for suspicious requests. Yahoo! will never send you an email asking for your username and password. If you receive an email asking for this type of information, please report it to us so we can take action. For your account security, you should never respond to requests for your username or password.


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