yea lock it..

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yea lock it..

Way to kill the point of open discussion...I can see you have a brilliant intellect... your a great moderator who understands the points of "OPEN DISCUSSION"

Im calling bull on that because i posted and boosted my gug points up 2 about 2 weeks ago. I have not really posted since and I never lost those points for those flagged posts that were never displayed.

also so how do members get more gug points then posts?
im guessing moderators review those posts and mark up a gug point?


Re: yea lock it..

correct to that i just got 3 gug points for the post all other times i have received 1 so scratch that p.s. i see no edit buttons...

i still stand behind the fact that i did it and my points were not taken

Re: yea lock it..

Hey St0rmz, if u already know this, then i'm sorry for the redundancy. Each time u start a new forum topic=3 points, comment=1point     your pal, juliek

Re: yea lock it..

Being one of the "newer" members here at GuG, one thing I noticed is that it doesn't seem we keep track of points all that much - it seems more about the bling you earn. That's what I had my eye on more, anyways, when I had none.

Like a lot of us, I joined gung-ho and posted whenever I could chime in about anything, I didn't do it for points but to try to be helpful in areas I knew something about. This is a help site dedicated to the exchange of ideas - the point is helping each other and points/bling/etc. is just for fun. They're also a gauge to make it easier to "consider the source" when help is offered.

[quote=St0rmz]Way to kill the point of open discussion...I can see you have a brilliant intellect... your a great moderator who understands the points of "OPEN DISCUSSION" [/quote]

But this is the internet. What it boils down to is that there is no freedom of speech when you post on any website that you don't own. Everyone who owns a domain, whether it's myspace, GuG, or your neighbor with a gardening website (those are just random examples), the owners and those they appoint to moderate hold the final say in what is posted on their own website (or isn't). They can do whatever they want with a site that's theirs. And I've said it before, but I personally wouldn't want it any other way. The owners retain control - it's up to them. And the mods here keep this a pretty nice place to visit.

Re: yea lock it..

All points are automated, you start a new topic you get 3 points you reply you get 1 point and if your post is deleted for content you lose the points 1 for a response 3 if your whole topic was deleted

Some posts are automatically held for review, these posts have URL's in them which have to be checked before we expose our members to them

Moderators do not assign points, we do not assign badges, we do not ban members

Moderators delete posts that have nothing to do with the topic, we move posts to the appropriate forum, we delete posts that are mean spirited and have no place on this site

The reasoning behind points and badges is to let new people know the person who is answering their question has built up trust over a period of time

example: is a prolific poster, she keeps the site light and friendly while at the same time giving great advice, I assure you she won't post a link to a computer altering virus, she also will not degrade a new member by calling them names or speaking to them as if they don't deserve access to a computer

So enjoy the site, ask questions, help others and don't worry about badges or points because all of the members of this site will be treated with the same respect regardless of the number of points or badges they have 


"There are no stupid questions, but there are a LOT of inquisitive idiots. "

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