Yet Another HP Touchpad Firesale

HP has yet again managed to cripple a major part of the internet by selling off the remaining stock of the HP Touchpad. HP announced last week that they would be selling off the remaining stock of new and refurbished Touchpads through eBay and yesterday was the day; just like the first time there were all sorts of technical problems.

Due to the overwhelming response the first time HP realized that their website and delivery system was simply unable to keep up with the demand, they assumed eBay would be able to handle it but even that wasn't possible. eBay saw so much traffic searching for the Touchpad that the entire site slowed to a crawl, users reported all sorts of errors and even Paypal reported having issues processing the massive influx of payments. Once again HP has done a great job getting attention for the Touchpad, but this really is the last time it will be on sale anywhere; maybe.



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