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Yet another question

I've been getting a lot of hits lately where it will show an IP address but not the city or state. It still shows the reverse DNS so I know occasionally by the ISP that it is someone local to me, but I just think its weird. Anyone know why this is? Its frustating-I get hit by a few IPs with no location several times a day. One IP address has been looking at my page about four times a day every day for over a week-and of course they never leave a comment or anything. I'm dying to know who it is. Trackers are so infuriating. Now I know that people do look at my page quite often but have no way to identify them.



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Re: Yet another question

A great site to use to look for better locations of IPs is MaxMind

Not every tracker can help show you locations, so sometimes you have to do a bit of detective work on your own! Good luck!

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Try I was also frustrated with trackers until this one. It will show the exact city and state of each visitor, date and time, and how many times they viewed your blog. I tested it out by looking at my own profile and it tracked me exactly. I also was using a friends lap top this weekend and it came up with the city and state for that view also. (different than my own at home) I identify them by friends I have in that location or possible non freinds it might be. If someone doesn't show up and you have a new view it's because they have a tracker blocker. 

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