Can you hear it ?

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I can hear it and it sends a piercing pain through my head. I made my son delete it from his phone. I'm in my mid 30's, still young but old enough.

Re: Can you hear it ?

30, and I'm with Anime, I'm pretty sure hubby, 2na, and S. MOM are pullin our legs. Seriously... the intense NOISE from my computer. AND i don't even have 100% hearing!

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Re: Can you hear it ?

I'm 47 and I didn't hear anything. 

Re: Can you hear it ?

29 and it wasn't AS bad for me as some people posted but i felt it pass through my chest and it's left an annoying feeling in my ears.  ugh.


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Re: Can you hear it ?

i just played it again on my desktop computer (instead of the laptop where i tried it the first time) which has a good sound system and still nothing.. i turned up the volume REAL loud and i could just barely make out a high-pitched sound, but nothing i would even notice if i wasnt looking for it..

Re: Can you hear it ?

ok this is funny! i just played this for my hubby, he's 29 and couldn't hear it...and then he continued to argue with me that there wasn't anything there period, and kept making me play it full blast over and over again!! hahaha! what a butt! now i think i can hear it permanently. =/



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Re: Can you hear it ?

Geez, you all had me so scared that I've been debating for 2 days on whether or not to try it.... I'm in my early 30's & couldn't hear anything. THANK GOODNESS!!!!!!


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