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Re: If you like Lady Gaga

I love (the real) Lady Gaga and Pokerface, but also loved this wicked funny parody. How wrong is that??

Re: If you like Lady Gaga

i like that she is her own person & not afraid to put it all out there. her fashion sense interests me. she's a shock & awe girl. love it!


Re: If you like Lady Gaga

Love the Butterface version!!!! Now I'll have that stuck in my head all day!

Special Note: Behind the landscape of doubt flows a reservior of "ok-ness."

Hello Cupcake
Re: If you like Lady Gaga

Hey AE, next time we go have sushi we mustn't forget out beehive :D

Reminds me of Debbie Harry in Hairspray.  By the way, I get what Lady Gaga is trying to do.

I'm more of a fan of what Karen O does from the yeah yeah yeahs.  That's the kind of different I can admire.

Almost Evil
Re: If you like Lady Gaga

 Eh, its all just desperate attention seeking. She has to try harder and harder to be noticed. Hopefully she'll grow out of this phase soon- or just go away lol


"If lightning strikes twice, I dont want to be standing next to you! "

Re: If you like Lady Gaga

That's too funny!


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