you tube and myspace

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you tube and myspace

everytime i put a youtube video on my mypace, my intrest section is blank, does anyone know why myspace is rejecting youtube videos?



Re: you tube and myspace

The song on my profile is from Youtube....actually it was a video to begin w/ and then I altered it to just the song and have it hidden.  As of right now it's working.  Do you perhaps have any other codes in your profile that might be affected it in some way or another?  

My suggestion would be to take out all your codes, save them to a word document and make sure that you identify each code for yourself...make a little side not of what the code does and where it was in your profile.  Then I would take a blank profile page and start w/ your Youtube video and go from there.  Add each code and see how it affects your profile, hopefully that'll work for you to find the problem. 

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Re: you tube and myspace

I had the same problem a few days ago trying to email a photobucket video on myspace. It showed up in the email before sending--but once sent, the code was totally filtered. Anyone know what's going on?

Re: you tube gone?

Has anyone else lost all of their youtube videos? All of mine no longer are available all at the same time, did myspace get rid of them or something?

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