Your company asks everyone to vote for a site wide 20% pay cut or having 20% of the workforce laid off, what would you vote?

Pay cut.
92% (12 votes)
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 13




I'd rather take a pay cut because I know that some of the people laid off might have families or small children and although I know they would be eligible for unemployment I still don't think they should be forced to that situation.

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i think it would depend on my situation and job. right now i work pretty much if i want to and love my job. so as long as i could get something else to fill in that income i would take the paycut.

There was a time when I would have said layoffs. But now that I am older I think...
#1 I would hate to be the one who lost their job.
#2 I realize that a 20% layoff means that 80% of the people will be doing 100% of the work.
#3 Even if you think your job is secure it may not be. Take the paycut and try and find a better paying job if you need to.

I wish it was SUMMER!


20% is a lot! Still I would have to recommend a pay cut over lay offs. Especially in this economy we as a nation cannot afford to have more people laid off. It would be selfish to say I want to keep that 20% of my paycheck, let 20% of the work staff go.

 Why isnt there an Other? I would take the layoffs. because im awesome and basically i dont care about other people's jobs. Not my fault if they get laid off because they arent awesome. *shrug* Not interested in a paycut, that would result in my bills not being paid and me needing a new job anyways.


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

sue me! *forgot the other*.....lmao. no, seriously now...i didn't want 'other.'

just: pay cut or layoff


 Ok, then i vote for layoffs. Its not my job to make other people keep theirs.

Lets just say I was making $40K...a 20% cut is now me making $32K. Flat out, i couldnt afford my rent or anything else on that income. So, sorry guys, hate to see ya go, but im not taking a pay cut.


"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb. "

that's an excellent argument. up until now, i was 100% pay cut voted. since you've played it out, i'd say every man for themselves and only the performers survive. brutal. effective.


That's a great point. I think if I had children to think about or didn't have a husband who brings in an income I would have voted differently. I'm also not tenure yet which means if my job made layoffs I would be out. I guess it isn't selfish to vote either way, for everyone it would have to be situational.

What if you couldn't guarantee your job wouldn't be one of the 20% cut? That's what my thought if there is no way to guarantee that I still have a job I'd rather take a pay cut than not have a job at all...

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