What are your pet peeves?

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What are your pet peeves?

ok, we had a topic about the things you like or "have a thing for" and i thought it was about time to hear the flip side.

What are your pet peeves?

here are a few of mine....but i could go on forever! i'm just b*tchy like that!

myspace annoyances:

  1. profiles that look like glitter123.com threw up on their site
  2. when people have "i got my layout at" text/graphics...don't be lazy, just take it out!
  3. when myspace goes suuuppppeeerrrrr slooooowwwww
  4. when they screw up our vids code...hmph

general annoyances:

  1. bad shoes
  2. when my husband peels off his festering socks after getting home from work, he lays them on the dining room table or counter. this from the very same man who will chase a fly around the house with a swatter for 15 min because "they have germs"
  3. when my boys are in their bedroom playing, and all of a sudden i realize it is WAY quieter than it should be. much to my chagrin it is because they have emptied both toy chests, and are living underneath the pile in the "city" they built.
  4. the inlaws stopping by unexpectedly...ugh!
  5. celebrities who dress poorly at awards shows. ok, if you are out grabbing a coffee or going to the gym, wear sweats, look like hell. knock yourself out. BUT, when you go to an awards function, you have the money, and the resources to make yourself be the best you can be. Please don't wear a large taffeta bow on your shoulder or look like elvira. well, actually it gives me something to talk about...so...
  6. britney spears. get it together girl.


what are your pet peeves? Undecided


Re: What are your pet peeves?

5....$5.....$5 FOOT LONG

I hate that Subway commercial!!!!!!!

It will not get out of my head! 

Re: What are your pet peeves?

not too many to list. i generally can get past annoying people simply by means of pity, or i take into factor their social economics.  however, i do have a few:

myspace annoyances:

  1. the "myspace pose." you know the one....it is on about 85% of any female page.. the face close-up with a pucker pouty mouth which imho is a self absorbed attempt to come off as sexy, sultry, or even remotely serious. *please...give it a rest*
  2. poor english...worse yet...poor slang. ie: "talk wit me or get wit me" * *wtf is that...besides ghetto?!*

general annoyances:

  1. people who hide behind a persona because they are inept at being themselves. 
  2. weakness, as in not being able to stand up for one's self.


Tuna ><((((*> the other white meat! I am Keeper Of The Whip!

Re: What are your pet peeves?

 myspace annoyances

The stupid I'm too paranoid to take a photograph of myself so I'm going to take a photograph of me in the mirror looking at the camera picture...

People who post bulletins every 5 minutes.... and people that post 20 surveys a day...

People on your friendslist that have been phished so they leave comments and bulletins advertising new ring tones etc...

general annoyances

people in the 10 items or less line with an entire basket... or even worse... they have 10 items or less, but the items are ginormous and take an hour to get through the line...

when I can only find one flip flop... or if I can only find all my left flip flops...

People who pull out in front of me, doing 20, when I'm going 60.....

People who drive with both feet (referring to automatic transmissions)

People who pop up out of nowhere...

People who try too hard to get attention, look 'cool', appear intelligent... etc...

Those Sonic commercials with the two people in their vehicle exchanging some sort of retarded conversation

People who call for no reason, yes I'm female AND I hate the phone... don't call me if you don't have anything to really say.

One of my biggest pet peeves... people who tell me to do, or that I should do, something that I'm already doing. 



Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


Re: What are your pet peeves?

I wanted to add to my general annoyances:

People who refuse to take out the trash... oh my god, stop trying to balance the pile... and don't use the counter to add stuff to... I've seen this happen... it's gross. It's not going to kill you to pull out the bag and take it 20 feet.

and even worse, people who refuse to put a trash bag in the trash can, but instead just dump their trash in it without the bag... leaving  a mess at the bottom...  


Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.


Re: What are your pet peeves?

 hey guys, what about this for a myspace annoyance: when the text does not stand out on the background! oh that drives me crazy! and the myspace photograph where you can tell they've taken it themselves.looking up and off to the side with the infamous pose and pucker we've already talked about!

a  general annoyance, but a biggie for me, is the awful car warranty telemarketing ads, and they're taped so there isn't even someone to yell at!      another thing that drives me right out of my mind, to the point of physical reaction!...j/k...but close..is when someone lets their dog do his business all over my yard while they're standing there watching!!!rrrgh oh it makes ME growl!

Re: What are your pet peeves?


[quote]the "myspace pose." you know the one....it is on about 85% of any female page.. the face close-up with a pucker pouty mouth which imho is a self absorbed attempt to come off as sexy, sultry, or even remotely serious. *please...give it a rest*[/quote] <----I agree wholeheartedly! I only have one picture where I'm doing that, but only b/c I'm being ironic making fun of girls who do it seriously. it has a lolcat-like caption: I can powt :-*

people whose overloaded gaudy layouts (especially animated gif backgrounds) crash my computer

"thanks for the add"

"an unexpected error has occurred!"

girls who post bulletins begging for attention: "new pics, please if you do not mind comment!"

spambot profiles

those unbelievably annoying captchas that you have to pass before doing ANYTHING recently to prove you're not a spambot

Top Friends = worst thing to happen to myspace. The whole concept of ranking friends in order of importance is so elementary school, and this behavior in an adult is passive-aggressive, manipulative, and immature.


I could go on and on about things that annoy me, but I have to go take a shower and get ready for an appointment, so I'll come back later to complain some more.

Re: What are your pet peeves?


Myspace Pet Peeve: My "sweet innocent" daughters are now on it.

Major Pet Peeve:  When people say opposite of what they mean, AND ITS OBVIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I believe in telling the truth.....Not what is "right".


Re: What are your pet peeves?


1. people who swallow loudly when they drink or eat. lol.

2. people who lie and tell half truths.

3. not having a sense of humor. 

Re: What are your pet peeves?


When men leave the toilet seat up.

People who eat like they are off to the races.

Women with really long glittered up/diamoned up fingernails.

Women with cracked heels and chipped up toenails who have never heard of a pedicure.

Family pressure to get married or have a baby as if it's their life.

People with no sense of humor.

Those who try to tell me how to drive and what the hell to eat.

Political phone calls!!!!!Please vote for me-yadayadayada!!!!

People who think they can do my job better than me when I have more experience and three more degrees than they do!

Nasty smeels and poor hygiene in general. If you smell-you gotta go!





Re: What are your pet peeves?

Myspace peeve:

1. myspace banging (grow the f* up...).

2. people who photoshop every single one of their pics to make them-selfs    "look" flawless & skinny.. lmao

3. people who talk mess about you on their page... eventhough they dont even know you.

4. TOO MUCH GLITTER!! lmao..

5. The myspace pose.. ugh... i hope i dont have one of those

6. people who lie online! lmao.. "me in my new benz" lmao... ya rite..

7. Spam!



1. the last 10 cents of pumping gas! lmao... it goes so slow!

2.people who spit & make that luggie noise

3. Forcing me to eat something!

4. treating someone bad or with disrespect in front of me...

5. The puffy hair and the huge fake eyelashes every girl wear now! Calm down malibu barbie!

6. Telemarketers!!!!

7. People who come to my office talking about "what kind of perfume do you wear?" to try to brieve me into buying that cheap a$$ imitation!  

8. Ghetto People! shal i say more! =-x 

 *these are some of the few i can think of...



...If its Pink , Its Perfect!...


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