What are your pet peeves?

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Re: What are your pet peeves?

this is hysterical, . LMFAO!

BTW...niiiiiccce granite countertop and stainless steel sink

Happy Birthday


for what its worth
Re: What are your pet peeves?

LOL I haven't dug into the myspace code to delete the "layout from" code, but I swear I will do it soon!  hahaha

 I have a ton of pet peeves, but I think the biggest of all is people who freakin' foward a ton of forwards!  Geez they had to get to the original msg - why not forward from there instead of from the absolute end of the forwarded msgs!


Re: What are your pet peeves?

Pet peeves... I've tolerant of unavoidable situations and try to make the best of them.  Life's too short to be mad about things that you can't do anything about. I try to make whoever I'm with have a good time especially in those moments.

So besides being at my best in absurd situations, I'm very tolerant and understanding of people - but please don't sh*t on me. In my personal life dealing with people and service, I do not hesitate to immediately and politely "cut to the quick" when something that really matters isn't right and needs to be changed. Sometimes "polite" doesn't work and I can do the other very well too.

myspace annoyances:

I'm not involved in it myself much yet. Only one person regularly messages me through mine and I also do the coding for a well-known European musician.

Pet peeves? There is that gray ad page that happens between logging-on and getting to the profile. Why is that there??

And then there's this guy named Tom who thinks I'm gay. He was my very first friend and has been stalking me since. I don't want to be rude to him but he's always sending me messages about new features and I don't really know him.


general annoyances:

People who get emotional in traffic and can't behave .

Dangerous drivers, cell phone talkers, etc. that put people's lives in jeopardy.

People who routinely can't control their temper around others.

People who throw trash out of their car.

Smokers who thump their nasty, smelly cigarette butts on the ground or out of their car window.

Pet owners who let their animals roam.

Teenagers whose sole purpose is to cause trouble.

Loud thumping car stereos that I can hear inside mine. Your space ends where mine begins. If I wasn't the nice guy that I am, you would have a Diet Dr. Pepper thrown through your window.

Garlic or onion breath. I know you like Italian, but please.

Re: What are your pet peeves?

[quote]People who throw trash out of their car.[/quote]


that bothers me alot too! littering in general is a huge pet peeve of mine. 

Re: What are your pet peeves?

 Loud thumping car stereos that I can hear inside mine. Your space ends where mine begins. If I wasn't the nice guy that I am, you would have a Diet Dr. Pepper thrown through your window.

 Yes.  Except I have this pretty hefty 2x4 leaning against my west door and it came in handy the other day when a solicitor came strolling through the neighbors yard.  He started to mine, looked up, saw me standing there with the 2x4, and abruptly headed back to the sidewalk and went and disturbed the neighbors on the other side of me.   Worked like a charm it did.



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Re: What are your pet peeves?


Loud thumping car stereos that I can hear inside mine. Your space ends where mine begins.



Ugh, my car alarm goes off when those loud pulsing car radios go by. Some jerk on the block loves it and always slows down right by my car to make the alarm go off.


Re: What are your pet peeves?

MySpace Annoyances:

Pages that take forever to load (if you want your friends to visit your page, make sure they can GET to your page)

People that post their income on their profile as $250,000 and up (kind of dumb to post that kind of info at all)

Teenagers that post "sexy" pics.. (come on.. you're just kids!!)  

Headlines that talk about how "gangster" or how much of a pimp you are...  

Those bulletins about how if you don't repost a certain bulletin in 10 minutes, a man is going to kill you or something like that... Who created those?!?!?!?!  

General annoyances:

People that interrupt me

When someone doesn't replace the toilet paper roll with a new one!!  Yell

 a 16 year old with an Iphone or some other ridiculously expensive phone

drivers that tailgate you


I'm sure there's more, but I'm going to stop.  Sealed









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Re: What are your pet peeves?

okay this isn't the biggest thing in the world to complain about but something that is consistently ticking me off is when i forget to let the page FULLY load (which could take eons) and i click on a link and *SUDDENLY* the whole page shifts which means the thing i clicked on moved about a half a foot, and i get led to whatever took its place.

and for some reason i cannot highlight something and delete it, i have to fiddle with the arrows and backspace forever. 

and i TOTALLY second the $5 foot long commercial angelmala1 !! LOL!  

also second the smelly people/poor hygiene, and  people who cannot behave in traffic.  (good way to put it Stevie !)

and running with that thought, i think a big pet peeve of mine would be about 70% of the population for various reasons that would make for a huuuge list of adjectives (including meanies, rude people, etc.) and scenario-describing. 

ok done. whew didn't think i had that much in me. feels good *rolling shoulders* 

*little do they know...*

Re: What are your pet peeves?


the stupid myspace pose

Teenage girls who look skanky..where are there parents?

my stalker ..she talks a lot of crap through myspace..she came to town..was a block away and she never came to say it to my face...i guess somethings are easier to says behind a computer

In general

 Being asked the same question 3 times

when shoes i like are on sale but my size is always out

when my son makesme watch cars for the 3 consecutive time

Wire hangers

Real estate agents...I work in that field and I deal with alot of themmm Ugh!!!They drive me nuts with asking methings they know i cant disclose!

This laptop the key board isnt working properly..

Re: What are your pet peeves?

Oh I can NOT stand it when someone says "I will be there in just a minute"

20 minutes later...Im still waiting.  Yell



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