You're my obsession...

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You're my obsession...

I have this obsession with bags.  I can't help myself.  I see them, I want them, I've gotta have them.  The bigger the better.  I don't care how many I have.  I want more, more, more.  Any ladies with a love of bags out there?What styles do you like?  Hobos, satchels, totes?  Big ones, small ones?  Hardware or plain?  Here are some of my favorites (I have them all in my closet waiting their turn to come out and play.)  What are yours?

I just got this one yesterday!  Botkiers St. Tropez bag:

 Botkier's Bryant Hobo:

Isabella Fiore's Yvonne bag:                                 


Bliss Lau's Suspension Chain tote:

Louis Vuitton Papillion bag:

And I love them all!  Kiss



Re: You're my obsession...

excellent choice! good for you. money well spent and the ROI is endless.

i like all purses. while they are nice, i don't necessarily need to have a certain label. i also have this thing for "the ugly bag!" just like shoes, i like a very unusual or ugly piece. one that i am sure no one else will have until they see me rockin' it. then suddenly it is the new rage. i also like color, so i need to have a variety that i can change out daily. during the day, running errands etc, i generally just sport an all purpose tote, equivalent to going out in public w/no makeup! 

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Re: You're my obsession...

I got a great deal on the latest bag.  Some of those were gifts from an from my parents.  So sweet.  I do think that the higher priced bags are of a better quality, leather, hardware, etc.  But I have so many others.  Some from H&M which are sooo cute.  And none were more than $25!  You can't beat that!.  Check out:

They have some GREAT deals right now.  And there's a really cute yellow tote.

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