youtube is blocked at an internet cafe

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youtube is blocked at an internet cafe
youtube is blocked at an internet cafe and other music sites how do i get round this, im 50, and i just want to listen to music not steal it, i just like ,to listen to music while im surfing im a musician y see



Re: youtube is blocked at an internet cafe

if a place like an internet cafe is blocking Youtube and music-streaming then they are are obviously trying to preserve their (probably very limited) bandwidth so their customer's overall experience is not affected. This is because watching a Youtube (or any online) video and/or listening to streaming music can quickly clog their interwebs pipe and make everything slow for everybody. So my guess is they have done this in response to customer complaints since blocking these sites is cheaper than buying more bandwidth. So bear this in mind.

I see your options this way:
1) find a new internet cafe (my recommendation)
2) buy a verizon/AT&T "hot spot" service which will allow you to go anywhere/be online anywhere
3) store your music and videos locally instead of streaming
4) try to climb over the virtual "no trespassing" sign by the use of proxy services, or something similar so that you can enjoy your video/music and bring everything else to a crawl for every other customer in the building. Bear in mind though, that if they have the technology to block youtube and other services, they also no doubt have the ability to easily see that you think you are above their rules and block your computer from their network, forcing you to use option #1

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