YouTube Now Offering Automatic Face Blurring

This is not Barack Obama and you can't be sure because his face is blurred!Today YouTube unveiled a new feature that gives users the ability to automatically blur any and all human faces present in a video they upload. The feature came about as part of a new push for YouTube to promote openness and the ability to freely spread news and information around the world.

The primary goal of this new face blurring technology is to help political dissidents, whistleblowers, and other parties remain as anonymous as possible automatically with the help of a simple tool. YouTube is planning to roll out the system in the coming days and many analysts say that a number of Syrian rebels will likely be the first to truly utilize the new system.

So if you've ever wanted to upload a video to YouTube without showing your face, now is the time. Thanks to this change the world can once again remain anonymous while posting videos online.



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