YouTube Killing Anonymous Posts

Anonymous not allowedThis week YouTube announced a new program to cut down on anonymity on the popular video site and it is now in full force on YouTube. Now any time a user posts a comment, video, or anything else they will automatically be asked whether or not they would like to stop using a username and begin using their real name.

Not only does YouTube ask if you want to use a real name, they'll actually ask why if you say no. Fortunately it is not difficult to continue using your username so for now YouTube definitely is not forcing users to switch. Don't be surprised in the future when things become more forceful though, YouTube and Google seem pretty serious about this.




This would cause quite a bit of trouble.. The internet is really meant for anonymity, be who you want to be, say what you want to say. This would also cause issues with remembering peoples names, instead of their alias' But I'm sure Google/YouTube will implement 'Business / Organization / Group' accounts, as channels like Machinima won't exactly be called Machinima any more.

[quote=Litruv]The internet is really meant for anonymity, be who you want to be, say what you want to say.[/quote]

Huh? Where is that written? What page of the Internet Constitution is that on??

The internet is a congloberation of private companies, people, organizations and groups. Each free to set their own rules and guidelines. If the Youtube man does not want you to post anonymously, then that's the way it is going to be. Nobody is forcing anyone to use Youtube - when youtube or any other website institutes a rule that i disagree with, I go somewhere else..

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