YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox

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YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox

Last night everything was fine... I surf YouTube daily..

Today, every single time a youtube video tries to play (I can go to youtube or see the video embedded as long as it's not playing everything is fine) firefox crashes.

I have the latest firefox... and have had it since April...

I don't know why it would start this now? I haven't changed anything in weeks... haven't downloaded anything recently... I don't know.

Help, please?


Update: it crashes when trying to view myspace videos too... wanted to test that after I posted so I wouldn't lose the post.



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Re: YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox

 have you cleared your cookies and cache?


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Re: YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox

yeah... 20 fricken times... it clears every time firefox shuts down... so I've been clearing it more than I've intended with these freakin crashes...

twitter crashes it too... and tweetdeck won't work...

my computer is broked.

Re: YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox


I had this issue as well about a year or so ago.  What I had to do was use adobe's uninstaller for flash and then reinstall their latest flash offering.  This cured the video crashing for me at that time.  Apparently there were some older registry entries from previous flash installs that were causing the issue.  The flash uninstaller can be located here:

Then you will need to reinstall flash here:


If that does not work, there could be an erroneous extension or plugin that you are using in firefox causing the issue as well.  To troubleshoot from this end you would start firefox with all plugins and disable one at a time until you are able to view the youtube videos.  You can also approach it the other way and disable all plugins and enable them one at a time until you see the error. 

Hopefully it is just flash being a pain in the ash.



Re: YouTube Videos Crashing Firefox

Thanks for the help... although I still don't know what it was, the next day everything seemed fine.

And yes, I had rebooted a few times to try and fix it originally... something was just being wonky... haven't had problems since...

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