Yummy Ramen

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Yummy Ramen

Okay, so here's something I came up with after my first semester in college (and countless packs of ramen noodles and bowls of cereal). This is what you're going to need:

1 pack of ramen noodles
1/4 cup diced onions (more or less depending on your taste)
4 oz. of link sausage (sliced into 1/4 inch slices)
spice packet (that comes with the noodles, or you can use your own--I prefer Tony Chachere's Cajun Seasoning mix)
1 cup of water (do NOT use the 2 cups directed on the package)
1 egg


1) Put the water to boil in a small pot.
2) While waiting for the water to boil, you can slice the sausage and dice the onions.
3) Cook the sausage of medium-high heat, when it's halfway done put in the onions and cook them until they're tender (about 3-4 minutes).
4) When the water starts to boil, add the spices and noodles.
5) After two minutes, add the egg and stir it all together (the egg helps to absorb some of the excess water so it's not so soupy and gives it a neat texture).
6) After one more minute (for a total of 3 minutes boiling), add the sausage/onion mixture.
7) Enjoy your (actually) yummy ramen!



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Ramen noodles with spaghetti sauce.

Save the ramen flavoring for broth with crackers, or bow tie noodles.

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Actually, I have this salt shaker thing... full of crushed dried peppers... all kinds... chile peppers, jalepenos, habeneros (sp?) and other ones... all mixed, dried, and crushed into this powder....

I just make my ramen... dump out 90% of the water, stick in the seasoning, and sprinkle bunches of the spicy powder into my ramen and enjoy... it's usually so hot I can't feel my lips when I'm done, but that's how I like it :)


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Re: Yummy Ramen


PS.. i LOVE your add on to that quote on your signature, May I use it for my myspace? 

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Re: Yummy Ramen

when i told her that long ago.. she replied.. ummm ew..  lol!

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I've always liked Ramen straight.

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Whats broccoli slaw?

Re: Yummy Ramen

3 C cooked broccoli flowerettes
3 C shredded cabbage
1/2 C raisins

at least that's about what I use...

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Here is my ramen recipe. In one pot cook frozen veggies (I use the peas, green beans and carrots mix) in another pot cook ramen noodles without adding the seasoning. When they are done, drain the water and leave only about 1/4 of a cup of water in the pot. Add seasoning, cooked veggies and top with shredded cheddar cheese.

*if you like you can also add cooked chicken to it.

Re: Yummy Ramen

Well uncooked ramen is always good. I'm eating sum rite now actually. Just takes a packet of ramen, crush up the noodles, add the seasoning, and u have it. Makes me want to go pee afterwards but it's still worth it because it tastes like beefy potato chips(beef is the flavor I'm eating).

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