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ZABA alerts

I have a  ZABA alert set up everytime someone visits my page on ZABAsearch and someone has been checking it on the regular--I get email notifications every single day!


The question I have is, it always says that particular someone is from Mountain View, CA. I think I read on here that someone who uses AOL will show up as being from Mountain View, CA on trackers. Is that the case? I have a good idea who it is and know they don't live there!


Re: ZABA alerts

i dont remember mountain view being from aol....


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Re: ZABA alerts

A lot of those main searches show up from the Silicon Valley since that is where a lot of the offices are housed. Google and Yahoo are there as well. AOL is on Ellis street in Mountain View and since it acts as a proxy it would be conceivable that all IP addresses with AOL would be traced back to Mountain View...

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Re: ZABA alerts

 Most hits from the Google bot are from Mountain View, CA.

Also, keep in mind that ZABA and Google alerts work the same way: They alert you when your (whatever you have set up to be alerted) is INDEXED by their bot. So, if Google "spiders" a page (for example, myspace) and they find YourUserNameHere on that MySpace page, they will Index it- and you will get an alert notification. It doesnt necessarily mean someone searched for you.


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