Zynga Getting Sued Over Facebook Game

ZyngaA long time ago there was a really popular video game series called The Sims, and while it remained popular for a long time it simply hasn't been able to keep that momentum going recently. However, Facebook games like Farmville and The Ville have now become the mainstream version of video games and it seems that the company behind them might have gotten the idea illegally.

The Ville is the game being specifically targeted as copyright infringement according to EA who claims that The Ville is simply a blatant copy of their previously popular The Sims Social game. In the past Zynga has been accused of copying or stealing other games in a number of ways but usually the developers are too poor or small to actually fight back but now that a giant like EA has stepped in things might be really interesting.

The lawsuit is still in the very early stages but it will definitely be an interesting one.



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